Feature in The Art Gorgeous | How Art Girls Recover From A Bad Day At Work

22 July 2019. I absolutely love The Art Gorgeous so when they asked me to contribute to their article on How Art Girls Recover From A Bad Day At Work I jumped at the chance. I tried hard to come up with an answer that made me sound the ultimate in art world chic… but then I thought it best to be honest, ha!

“Listening to the Archers in a monstrously bubbly bath with a large glass of pinot noir (I know it’s a radio soap opera for old people, but nothing drowns out art world chaos like the problems of an imaginary farming community in the English countryside…)”

– Aimee Dawson, Assistant Editor at The Art Newspaper (@amldawson)

Read the full article here.

The Art Gorgeous is an art entertainment magazine, bringing you anything from the hottest artist and fashion collaborations to juicy art gossip.

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