Aesthetica Future Now Symposium 2019 | Modes of Consumption: Arts Journalism in the Digital Age

7 March 2019. I took part in a panel on digital arts journalism with Aesthetica magazine. Some of the key questions asked included: how can digital and print platforms maintain, develop and grow readerships? What is the value of print and digital editorial considering consumers’ expectations for freely accessible content? Curation, selection and journalism add value to content, but what is the process for creating such successful and engaging editorial?

I was joined on the Future Now Symposium panel by En Liang Khong, who at the time was a senior editor at Frieze magazine; Lexi Manatakis, who was the digital assistant at Dazed; and Kate Simpson, the assistant editor at Aesthetica magazine; and it was moderated by Jennifer Kean, a journalism lecturer from Leeds Trinity University.

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