Artist interview for Grove Square Galleries | Crystal Fischetti and Harry Rüdham

9 December 2020. For the opening of Grove Square Galleries‘ new exhibition The Colour of Abstraction: New Ways of Seeing, I spoke to the participating artists Crystal Fischetti and Harry Rüdham about their work and practice.

In our lively chat we talked about the commonalities between the two London-based artists, who both took similar journeys from figurative realism to abstract expressionism. We discussed how each have been influenced by living in different cities—Harry in Berlin and Crystal in LA—but also their very different inspirations—with Harry working more from observations of people and scenes while Crystal has more spiritual and experiential influences.

Grove Square Galleries is a London art gallery offering emerging and established collectors an avenue for exploration and discovery. Merging digital innovation and physical exhibitions, the gallery’s Fitzrovia space offers a year-round programme of dynamic talks and events which run in tandem with an artist-led exhibition programme celebrating contemporary art practice worldwide.

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