Feature in The Art Gorgeous | Quarantine Thoughts From Our Favourite Art Girls

4 April 2020. A few weeks into the UK coronavirus lockdown #1, The Art Gorgeous approached me to talk about life in quarantine. It was really hard to put into words the fear and confusion I was feeling and to try to be positive. But in the end it was quite cathartic to express my thoughts and feelings and also to read those of my fellow “art girls”.

“I’ve always thought/feared that I was in fact a secret hermit trapped in an outgoing person’s body/job and that, subsequently, quarantine life would actually quite suit me. I lasted three days before my first full breakdown (I shouted at my boyfriend for touching the post: IT’S PROBABLY CONTAMINATED!) There have been more since and, undoubtedly, there will be more in the future.

This is the longest I’ve spent at home in the UK in one stint since I started working as a journalist five years ago. While not travelling for press trips and keeping in the international art loop brings a lot of anxiety I am trying to think about the silver linings: I am relishing not living out of a suitcase; I am delighting in normal working hours; and I am enjoying being more connected to friends and family.

Working from home brings other small pleasures: I have a ten-second commute and am saving a small fortune in Tube fares; I’m getting maximum wear out of all those cosy jumpers that I for some reason stockpiled back in February even though spring was almost here; and—in an oddly fortuitous way—there has never been a better time to be a digital editor.

My top tip? When you’re feeling blue, put on the High School Musical soundtrack: ‘We’re all in this togetherrrrr’.”

– Aimee Dawson, Associate Digital Editor at The Art Newspaper (@amldawson)

Read the full article here.

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